Health and Wellness

PAFA Student 服务 is committed to supporting a campus environment of health and wellness. Our programs and services encourage students to build the skills necessary for healthy creative practices and community. We work to ensure all students have the health care and emotional support they need to meet the demands of their lives and their studies at PAFA.

More detailed Health and Wellness information is found here (for current PAFA students).

PAFA Doctor's Guide

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Health and Wellness
Health and Wellness
Health and Wellness

Medical Care

Jefferson Family Medical Associates (JFMA) provides PAFA students with a variety of basic medical services free of charge, 包括:

• General primary care for acute and chronic medical problems
• Emergency care during hours when JFMA offices are open
• Family planning and contraceptive counseling
• Sexually transmitted disease counseling
• Allergy shots (students must provide allergy serum)

The costs of specialists, x射线, laboratory work, ambulance service, and emergency room 明升体育m88亚洲唯一s are not covered. Contact Jefferson Family Medical Associates directly to make an appointment or speak to a nurse at (215) 955-7190.

Jefferson Family Medical Associates
833 Chestnut East
Philadelphia, PA 19107

Student Counseling 服务

The Student Counseling Program, an off-campus service led by Penn Behavioral Health, is designed to help students effectively manage life challenges. The network of trained professionals in the program is always available to help students evaluate problems, provide appropriate counseling and assist in finding resources to resolve their issues. 

  • 隐私: The program is completely confidential and is available to all students.
  • Free of Charge: PAFA assumes the full cost for the first eight (8) 明升体育m88亚洲唯一s to this service.

To use the program, call Penn Behavioral Health at (888) 321-4433 or 明升体育m88亚洲唯一 the Student 服务 Office for assistance.

Penn Behavioral Health
24 hours a day, 7 days a week
1-, press 2 at the prompt

Student Health Insurance

Health insurance allows students to take the greatest advantage of health and counseling services through PAFA's partner providers at Jefferson Family Medicine Associates and Penn Behavioral Health.

PAFA’s university-sponsored Injury and Sickness Insurance Plan is administered by First Risk Advisors and is underwritten by the UnitedHealthcare Insurance Company.

招收, submit a waiver, or get more information about the coverage including costs, 好处, 除外责任, 减少, and limitations, 和术语, 明升体育m88亚洲唯一