Student Transcripts

A transcript is documentation of a student's permanent academic record, which usually means all courses taken, all grades received, all honors received, and degrees conferred to a student.

An 官方 transcript is usually required when you apply to another college/university or for many jobs. An 官方 transcript is printed on special security paper that cannot be copied and has an embossed seal and cannot be emailed or faxed. Official transcripts are usually mailed directly from the Registrar’s Office to the receiving college or employer but can be provided to you in a sealed envelope, 也, if that is acceptable to the recipient. Official transcripts cost $5.00每.

An 非官方的 transcript is simply your transcript information on a white sheet of paper with the registrar’s signature. They are usually used by the student as a reference or can sometimes be sent as a temporary confirmation of your education during an application process. Un官方 transcripts can be emailed or faxed and there is no charge for them.

Before completing a Transcript Request Form, please be advised of the following:

  1. PAFA's normal processing time is 5-7 工作日. Processing time does not reflect delivery time. Orders placed during peak times (i.e. Add/Drop, Registration, Commencement) may take longer to process.
  2. Transcript requests will not be processed if you have an outstanding financial obligation to PAFA.
  3. 有一个 $5.00 processing fee for each 官方 copy of your transcript. Un官方 or electronic copies are free.
  4. Please fill out this form completely and clearly—incomplete information could delay the processing of your request.
  5. 你的 signature is required in order for this office to release educational records.

Transcript Request Mailing Address

Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts
明升体育m88亚洲唯一 Registrar's Office
128 North Broad Street
Philadelphia, PA 19102

Transcripts may also be emailed to Peter Medwick ( or faxed to (215) 972-0839.

  Download the Transcript Request Form

In-Person Transcript Pickup

Transcripts may be picked up in person with advance notice. PAFA does not offer walk-up transcript service. Contact the Registrar's Office at (215) 972-2017 to schedule.

Expedited/Rush Transcripts

PAFA does not offer expedited transcript services; normal turnaround time is 5-7 工作日. If you need a transcript on short notice, please make that clear in your request and we will make every effort to process your request as quickly as possible. We can also send an 非官方的 transcript via email or fax to the recipient with a note letting them know that the 官方 transcript will follow shortly via US mail.


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